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Dr. Nancy Robinson, D.M.D.

​Rather than I tell you what kind of dentist I am, I'm going to let one of my patients, Jodi, tell you: "There are a lot of things I really like about Dr. Robinson. First and foremost, she has this bubbly, generous and caring personality that immediately puts me to ease, despite any anxiety I feel walking into a dentist office. Secondly, she's GOOD – REALLY GOOD – probably the best dentist I have ever seen…and sadly, I've been to a lot of dentists.​
I've been to dentists that take advantage of their patients, suggesting thousands of dollars of work I can't afford, or trying to sell me procedures I don't want. Dr. Robinson has never done that to me. She paces out the work that needs to be done, so my insurance will cover most of my procedures. She's my partner and advocate. Not just someone I see to fix a cavity. I really trust her and recommend her to everyone I know."

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Dr. Nancy Robinson

I'm an Arizona Girl!!  I was raised in Tempe, graduated from McClintock High, Mesa Community and ASU.  From there I earned my degree from Washington University School of Dental Medicine in St. Louis, MO, graduating in 1982.  I started practicing in Champaign, Il, until moving home to Tempe in 1985.  I practiced with my old family dentist and mentor, Dr. Robert Teague, until opening my own practice in 1987.  With my mom as my receptionist, I began as the first female dentist in Tempe with my own office, and have been in this same office for 30 years.  I love my job, my staff and of course my wonderful patients.​

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